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General Jean-Bernard PINATEL

Jean-Bernard PINATEL

After starting my career in the Airborne Troops (Section Chief, Company Commander and Chief of Intelligence and Operations Office of the 11th Airborne Division), I was one of the founders on the Groupe Permanent d’Évaluations de Situations (GPES) that was created on demand of the French president, Mr Giscard d’Estaing.

The group was in charge of assessing crisis situations in which France’s strategic interests and armed forces of were engaged. It contributed to the management of Djibouti’s independence, freeing the Kolwesi and Polisario hostages, and the interventions in Tchad, Lebanon and Central Africa, etc.

After that I was in charge of intelligence and operations in paratroopers 11th division staff.

I directed the Army Service for Information and Public Relations (SIRPA, that became DICOD) for five years (‘85-’89) where I set up an observatory for misinformation.


After leaving the Army as Brigade General at the age of 49, I spent 4 years at Bull as General Communication manager and then as Managing Director before creating Datops Consulting, ex-Startem, a company that became in 13 years a leader in software development for multilingual data mining and analysis.


In December 2006, Datops was acquired by LexisNexis, world leader in databases, which allowed me to accept, in 2007 the presidency of the Federation for Economic Intelligence Professionals before becoming the President of Honor in June 2009.

I am currently working as a consultant in the area of geostrategy of innovation and risks for Research and Development management.

Tiger Corporate Security

President of LP Conseil and Tiger Corporate Security, founded in 2009 with two associates, one French of Iraqi origin and one Iraqi living in Bagdad, Tiger Corporate Security carries out general security and economic intelligence surveys along with protection and intermediation missions.

With a PhD in political studies and a Master in physics (Nuclear Physics option), patented at the École supérieure de Guerre et du Centre des Hautes Études Militaires and former attendee of the 37th promotion of the IHEDN, I wrote a number of books on the subject of international relations and defense:

and a number of articles in the « Revue de Défense Nationale » on :

  • « La menace bioterroriste », November 2002
  • « Intelligence économique ou renseignement? », December 2004.

« Russie, alliance vitale » has been translated into Russian and the preface is written by Sergey Karaganov, a Russian political scientist who heads the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy.
Sergey Karaganov has been Presidential Advisor to both Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.